Commercial and application website design

The Faremco company is the outcome of transformational and aesthetic thinking. It entered the field to complete the service chain and improve the level of customer satisfaction. By taking a revolutionary approach in design and programming, it has been able to remain firm in this way since then. At the very beginning, the department started its work by programming desktop applications. After a while, according to technology development and businesses’ needs to be online, we set up the digital marketing department to meet our clients’ needs.

Department Services

This department offers a full package of services. In other words, using the best experts, we offer our customers unique services.  Our capable team services include professional web design services, web programming, development of mobile applications, and online communications. A wide range of websites and applications has been programmed in this department that includes company and organization websites and applications, Online stores, online booking websites, online ordering websites, online payment, and sales automation systems, and after-sales service. Standard programming is our priority in web development since our ultimate goal is to develop secure and fast websites that always deliver excellent performance to users.

Fully Customized CMS( Content Management System )

Currently, according to the products mentioned above, one of the software product which has the potential of being exported is content management system; in other words,  it is the system of production of information and store website. The main features of this product are mentioned below.

web design in the platform of open source content management systems

Platforms of content management have received a great deal of attention worldwide, and in this company, we work on them at different levels. The platforms, which have been worked on in this company, include word press, Joomla, and also other platforms such as Wix and Net Nuke. WordPress site design, which has become one of the most popular site design requests in the world, has dominated a high percentage of websites in the world. This system has thousands of templates in the world’s reputable stores that can be suitable for corporations, commercial, and store websites with a few products.


Our Programming Skills:

Backend Programming Language: PHP (Laravel framework, MVC) .Net Core, ASP, Java, Node Js, Python , Frontend Programming Language: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, Angular

Our clients

A wide range of industries is on our customer list, including the construction, electricity, water, gas, and petrochemical industries. Also, a range of service companies, such as commercial, investment, law, and training companies are included in this category.

Cooperation Business Opportunities

Due to the increasing growth of online businesses worldwide, the need to develop infrastructure in this area is very high. One of the reasons for Faremco superiority is having access to capable human resources in the field of programming and other online tools that by applying cutting-edge technology and technical knowledge can program internationally. Moreover, structured management of software projects leads to delivering the best result with the least engagement in the technical fields.