As our major goal has always been meeting our clients’ needs, based on one of our customers’ demands to mechanize his institute, through integrating the training, registration, and finance parts, we analyzed and prepared the initial version of the software. Over time and through the identification of other customers’ needs, we completed the software. In the next step, we rewrote and promoted the software to the ASP NET MVC version and changed the software template appearance.

Moreover, the platform was completed by adding the company website and some parts such as homework, integrating with the virtual education system, and online training. Ultimately, by presenting it to the vice president for Science and Technology organization, we Successfully received High Tech software certification and Type one knowledge-based certification.

The company team of young experts has taken a step in producing high-quality products for its domestic and foreign clients through dealing with challenges over time.

One of the significant features of our team is the capability of producing software with the ability to process one million transactions in a day. Currently, our team is engaged in research and development of a native platform to use it in different parts of the online class, social network (individual and group chat, voice and video call); for this purpose, the technical team is proficient in the following technical capabilities:


Technical Skills:

  • ASP.Net MVC
  • Asp.Net Core
  • Angular
  • Nodejs
  • JavaScript
  • Erlang
  • Go

Applications of the software

It is practical software for managing, documenting, reporting, tracking, and delivering training courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

An LMS allows you to create e-learning content (lessons), organize it into courses, present content, enroll students in courses, and ultimately evaluate and monitor their performance (attendance, grades, Etc.). LMS system is compatible with your needs of the institute in any educational field. It also has web usability, good speed, and great user-friendly graphic. our programming team specifically provided some modules for managing exams, learners, professors, surveys, various educational reports such as reports and statistical charts, and financial systems, which include tuition and online payment system and financial reports

Where are LMS Systems Used?

Anyone who is doing e-learning with any educational topic can use LMS. This includes all educational institutions, schools, universities, organizations, etc. so that the educational administrative process at the level of school staff, teachers, and learners is also online in this software.

Features of LMS system

  • Web-based software and the possibility of using it in various organizations and branches of the school in an integrated manner
  • Possibility of holding the exam online
  • Having a question-and-answer forum
  • Ability to connect to the BBB (Big Blue Button) platform and hold classes online with full features, including:
  • Holding meetings in the form of webinars and web conferences
  • Ability to share all types of files, videos, whiteboards with the right tools, upload custom files, and …
  • Ability to teach lessons online by connecting to a microphone and webcam
  • Ability to share the screen during online classes
  • Possibility of automatic or manual recording settings of training sessions
  • The possibility of creating different user roles to register the user with different accesses such as administrator, student, teacher, lesson maker, a teacher without editing right
  • The possibility of having different educational activities such as forums, homework, exam. For each training session,
  • Ability to hold a variety of tests online with full management scheduling and managing all the details and contents of the test, including questions, scheduling answers, feedback for registering any options or questions….
  • No need to install special software to use the features so that only with an Internet connection you can easily be active in your user panel.
  • Ability to define a question bank or upload a question file instead of registering individual questions to define an online test
  • Ability to support the right layout and user interface in Persian and a user interface suitable for using the module easily
  • Ability to provide a complete solar calendar scheduling to record times

Being absolutely proficient in Moodle architecture and its full customization, our team of technical experts can provide customers with an LMS system. Also,  we will provide the customers with the ability of any development or customization of the environment.