Integrated web based human resource system

A comprehensive software with the aim of solving all concerns about presence and absence software, automation of demand turnover,connection with other software and web technology that has the ability to connect to a various traffic recording devices.In this system, in addition to using new technologies in the cyberweb and a distinctive and modern look, it has tried to provide the bases for applying specific ideas of organizations and creating integration with other information systems, in a dynamic and flexible environment and undoubtedly the secret of earning customers’ trust and the ability to deploy this product in a wide range of organizations (office, industrial, educational, service, etc.) should be sought in these features.

  • Attendance automation
  • Food system automation and chips
  • reward list automation customer supervision
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Personnel and recruitment
  • Selection and employment
  • Polls
  • Parking
  • Ceremonies
  • Access control
  • Food reservation kiosk
  • Services