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Faremco Business Partners bring together extensive experience in the field of IT with the desire to solve complex organizational problems. We have genuine obsession in making businesses more efficient, productive and accurate by identifying their technology needs and offering them with valuable experiences and services in management, marketing, and implementation of solutions. We are specialists in providing of e-commerce, business intelligence and web mining solutions with many years of experience in implementation of these applications in different sectors and organizations. Faremco provides creative solutions designed around future objectives of businesses and transforms organizations into continuously value-generating firms.

Team skills and technical experties:

  • Team work experience in large and small projects
  • being Experience in methodologies and standards
  • Specialized in providing oracle-based solutions
  • Mastery of all stages of analysis, design and programming
  • Experiences and skills in implementation of advanced J2EE and Oracle systems equipment
  • Experience and skills in implementing systems based on different frame-works such as Spring, ADF, .NET, etc.
  • Experience and skills in programming the front end, back end and server side

In JAVA, PYTHON, PHP, ASP, Angular, Nodejs, HTML5 and Linux programming.

Some of our products and services customers

  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Medium and large business organizations
  • Manufacturing and industrial factories

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Increase customer’s productivity and efficiency

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We provide practical solutions

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We believe in providing our clients with exceptional professional services, to gain their trust and develop an on-going relationship