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FAREMCO Export Management Company is an entirely independent private company which started to work with the aim of helping the development and growth of the export of qualified products and services of companies active in the field of information and communication technology.
Due to the fact that forming a professional team in export, requires experience, expertise, resources and time, small and medium companies and even large enterprises use the power of Export Management Companies (EMC) to participate in international markets. FAREMCO as an export intermediary plays a key role in connecting the customers to the right team according to their needs. This has been enabled through a trustable network of professionals. FAREMCO has access to more than 100 expert teams, to present wide-spreading perfect and reliable services in all areas of ICT fields.

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Is Faremco the Right Team?

with the growing demands of companies of all sizes in using electronic tools in their intra- organizational and also for their extra-organizational connections, they need integrated software highly. Moreover, being online and no need for being in a certain location for connecting to other sectors, this type of software has become the main reason for selecting software solutions. Therefore, the Faremco company has taken action in offering its clients total solutions in the field of software and strives to meet the needs of its customers comprehensively in different fields

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